Here's a list of the companies I'm directly involved with at the moment, and a little bit about each of them.



Tekserv Managed Services are an alternative way to manage your property.

We set up shared FM & maintenance teams, providing you with on-demand, subscription based support, as you need it.



CVI Properties

CVI Properties provide investors with a way to invest in long term property assets, while creating ongoing passive income & capital growth, but without the risk of doing it yourself.

CVI Properties manage the entire life cycle of an investment, sourcing, acquiring, refurbishing, developing, maintaining, managing & disposing of the asset as required.

Using our 160+ years experience in the property market, we know where to find the best type of investments.

CVI Property is a division of Concordis Valeo Investments Ltd.



CVI Franchising

CVI Franchising is responsible for developing franchise and Network marketing models, as well as recruiting franchisees.

CVI Franchising is a division of Concordis Valeo Investments Ltd.


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