If you have experience in any area of business, know what your own strength is, & would like to join us on a journey to change peoples lives, I want to speak with you.  

In 2017, we'll launch the worlds first business accelerator for companies serving the built environment.


My why, is about creating an opportunity to change a persons life.  By bringing people together, we can do that easily.  If we all tried to work alone, we'd make no progress at all.

I have a passion for helping people change their life, and ultimately achieve their dreams.

I'm a natural born creative.  I like to create, whether it's solving a problem, or setting up a new business.  I have a natural talent to create, & it's where I'm strongest over everything I do.

My current business path has put me on a road to help under privileged people, those that need a step up, to make a significant change in their current living situation.

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