Many people go through life focusing on improving the things they're poor at.

This is an area that we are encouraged to do from an early age, right back to the days of being in primary school.

In the last couple of years I've discovered who I really am, and what I'm truly good at.  By discovering who I really am, I can focus on my strengths, and find others around me to do the things I'm weaker at.

My core strengths are in creating and changing things, whereas my weaknesses have to be in the detail.  Although I can get involved in really detailed projects, it does bore me, and I soon lose interest.  My focus is now on finding the right people to complement me, and working together to complement each others strengths.

I found my path since being introduced to Roger Hamilton, creator of the GeniusU and Wealth Dynamics profiling system.  I highly recommend everyone take this test.  When I took this test, I just found that everything came together and clicked, and this is why you should to.

The GeniusU test is completely free, and takes only 30 seconds to take.  A more in depth profiling test is the wealth Dynamics test.  This takes you into much more detail and guides you to know the correct path for you according to your strengths.  More importantly it tells you which types of role not to get involved in.

To take the GeniusU test, or to find out more, click the link below:

To take the Wealth Dynamics test, or to find out more, click this link:


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